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“Those who never changed their minds, never changed anything” – Winston Churchill

There are so many famous quotes from the British prime minister during his time in office during the 1940s. Even though he was known for that famous quotation, it was originally written by George Bernard Shaw as the following: “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”

So many of us have certain beliefs, whether it is business, politics, religion, family, etc., and we stick to those views for our entire lives. Some things we might question and others we tend to either ignore or decide to leave alone.

In any case, one thing is inevitable, which is change, and for most of us, constant or continual change during our lifetime. If you really want to go back in time to think about its origin, we must look at Heraclitus who was a Greek philosopher over 2,500 years ago who talked more about life and its prophecy. His famous quote is this, “There is nothing permanent except change.”

How often do we change our thoughts or views on something, and if we are willing to do that how long does it take?

What I find fascinating, is according to researchers, the body replaces itself with a largely new set of cells every seven to 10 years, and some of our most important parts are revamped even more rapidly. Does that affect our mind and thought process as well?

What I am trying to say here in the “business sense” is how do you approach your company or department if you are a manager or supervisor with respect to the views that you share? Do you revamp them or just do the same thing day in and day out?

We need to constantly refresh ourselves (just as our cell structure does) to look at things objectively with a new outlook or perspective. The more we stay the same, the less growth we will have (yourself) or as leader in your company or business.

Here are a few ways you can look at change if you so decide:

• Face your fears or what you do not want to change

• Confront your feelings and why you feel that way

• Be flexible and embrace change for yourself and others

• Have effective communication of your thought process

• Be part of the change.

We all know that everything I discussed here is nothing new and completely taken from some of the greatest minds throughout history. The natural question we must all ask is pretty simple.

Why do we want to change something and when will we actually do it?

Where do we begin this change or the “changing of our minds?” My opinion is with a short list that you look at every day. Maybe even a Post-it Note attached to your computer screen or written on a white board in your office, just place the thing(s) you want to change where it is visible and a reminder for you to do so.

We do not need to do this on January 1 as a new year resolution thing, but something that we feel should be done now if it will truly make a difference. What’s the worst that happens, it doesn’t work? So what, you tried, and that is absolutely more than what most people will do.

When you change your mind, everything else will follow.

Hal Becker is a nationally known speaker on sales and customer service. He is the author of numerous business books including two national best sellers, “Can I Have 5 Minutes Of Your Time?” and “Lip Service.” Hal’s newest book on sales is titled “Ultimate Sales Book.” He can be reached at


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