Quick: Name your pharmacist.

Local pharmacy owner gives three reasons to get to know your pharmacist.

When asked “Who is your doctor?”, most of us have an answer. Few of us can say the same for our pharmacists. Pharmacists play an essential role in our healthcare, yet we often don’t think of having our own pharmacist. Rather, we think of having a pharmacy.

Thinking this way is easy. Today’s pharmacies operate with a high-volume business model, and pharmacy staff do not have time to get to know patients in the same way’s doctors do. We founded Parafill Pharmacy to solve this. We take the time to know our patients, and we hope you will choose to get to know us. Parafill encourages patients to be as familiar with their pharmacists as they are with their doctors. Here’s why:

1. It could save you money.

As pharmacists, we can work with you and your doctor to find medications that fit your budget. Having a pharmacist who knows your needs can help you get the right medications at an affordable price.

2. It could save you time.

Reaching your doctor to ask a question about your medication can be a challenge. At Parafill, you will always have access to your personal pharmacist so you can get answers quickly.

3. It could save your life.

Many Americans are hospitalized and even lose their lives every year due to medication related errors. Filling all of your prescriptions with a single pharmacist who knows you goes a long way in preventing such tragic errors.

I can speak for most pharmacists when I say that we want to be more to you than a white coat behind the counter. At Parafill, we care about your health, and the more that we know you, the better we can help.

Christopher N. Verdi, PharmD., RPh

CEO, President of Pharmacy Operations, Parafill

Office: 216-260-1300

Mobile: 440-728-8205

Fax: 216-592-1668

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