I want to emphasize one key point about brain function: 10 lifestyle steps work to prevent more than 70 percent – maybe 90 percent – of dementia. But so far with some exceptions like getting rid of toxins, mold or heavy metals, treatments have been disappointing at reversing the disease once…

Northeast Ohio Medical University received a $7.5 million grant from Peg’s Foundation at an event May 24. The grant will benefit the university’s department of psychiatry in the college of medicine.

Much has been written about the importance of maintaining good bone health. The reason this subject is so important is because, later in life, both men and women can be susceptible to falls which result in bone fractures if our bones are not strong.  

In the last two months we talked about how great black coffee was and how to preserve those important senses of hearing and smell.  Now let’s discuss the new data about the non-liquid part of your food choices.

I recently went to one of the outdoor watch parties to cheer on the Cleveland Cavaliers. There was a smaller crowd than usual due to the frigid temperatures, but I stood and cheered with the other brave fans and families as I watched our team tie the first round series with Indiana.