In my last several columns I summarized the most amazing articles I read in the prior months. These studies involve data on the mechanism of aging, indicating you could gain 30 years of life in the next 10 years.

Jane, a 50-year-old woman with Type 2 diabetes, comes into a medical office for a checkup. She mentions that she has been without health insurance for about five years and hasn’t seen a doctor. The red flags go up. There is concern regarding the patient and her diabetes management and lab te…

Maintaining a healthy body weight is important for overall health. Most Americans know it’s importance in reducing risks of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. However, many may be surprised to learn excess weight not only exacerbates pain from arthritis, but significantly increases the risk…

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The past couple of weeks have brought a light at the end of the tunnel: COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed in the first wave to essential workers. Since the emergency authorization approvals of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, several parents have asked me about them.

Every year at the start of Chanukah, I share a healthy latke recipe and today is no different. But first, I want to describe some amazing research that may bring major changes soon.

As the coronavirus pandemic accelerates in our community, we are seeing far too many people delaying essential doctor’s appointments out of fear of contracting the virus. In some cases, the risk from foregoing these routine appointments may be greater than the virus itself.