Dr. Joshua Goldner, a contracted pain management physician who recently joined St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, opened an office June 27 at 23250 Mercantile Road in Beachwood.

Goldner, a Moreland Hills resident, said Beachwood is the best place to locate the new office.

“I’m a born and raised east side of Cleveland individual and I used to practice in the area, so I have a lot of ties here,” he said. “I know that from a professional perspective, there is a need for pain management services in general, especially with the shift from opioid management to address pain to a multi-modal approach.”

Goldner, who is a member of Park Synagogue in Cleveland Heights and Pepper Pike, said he finds his role in helping the community is an important one.

“I look at my role as an educator and opening patients’ eyes who are suffering from chronic pain in what options they have in managing it,” he said. “It’s about returning people’s ability in participating in daily activities that pain robs them of.”

Personalized care plans for those suffering from chronic pain is a big part of Goldner’s practice.

“Everyone has different goals and different levels of function that they aim to restore,” he said. “From an elderly patient that wants to be able to walk to their mailbox and back or a 35-year-old jock who wants to play with their kids but their back pain is so severe, it’s tailoring the treatment to find the source and address their needs.”

In helping patients with pain management, Goldner said the office’s location kept that in mind.

“The nice thing about the location is we’re very accessible,” he said. “I’m in the office with two other physicians so we’re readily available to patients. We also have acupuncture, physical therapy and imaging, all available for quick evaluation of patients.”

Focusing on managing pain and reducing opioid use is a topical mission, Goldner said. 

“We call it the opioid epidemic for a reason,” he said. “It is the leading cause of accidental deaths in this generation. And with the use of opioids, you don’t really see a change in pain over a long period of time. My goal is to develop a more sustainable protocol for a patient’s pain management.”

Goldner said pain management is always evolving and that keeps it interesting.

“We’re developing and implementing new treatments regularly, so I try to stay on the cutting edge of that, whether it’s different medications or techniques,” he said. “In the future and as things evolve and new techniques are developed, I will implement those. Also, we are looking to expand as well into the Cleveland area as the need dictates.” 

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