According to Elk & Elk attorney Kevin Lenson, his greatest strength is being a people person.

While helping his clients through personal injuries and auto accidents, Lenson uses his experiences to inform his advice and guidance he gives clients. A member of the Cuyahoga County Bar Association, the Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers and the Ohio State Bar Association, Lenson has also been named an Ohio Super Lawyer since 2015.

He credits his interest in law to his father, Murray, who died in June.

“He was an attorney that also practiced law in Cleveland for over 30 years at Ulmer & Berne LLP,” he said. “It was my father’s advice to do what I do and I followed that.”

CJN: How did you know this was the practice area for you?

Lenson: When I got out of law school, my father told me to find a plaintiff’s injury practice to start my career. Ultimately, he ran into Jeff Friedman of Friedman, Damiano & Smith one day and asked if they had any openings and he said they did. I interviewed there, got the job and have done it ever since.

CJN: What was the turning point of your career?

Lenson: Law is now very specialized. It is similar to the medical profession. Doctors specialize in very specific things too. There aren’t many “jack of all trade” attorneys. It is not the kind of practice you’d like to do. I realized when I started doing this type of work, I enjoyed it and there was no reason to do anything else.

CJN: How does your job impact your life?

Lenson: We are officers of the court and there are deadlines to be met and a way to go about your job, but also your daily living. We are members of a bar and there is a standard to uphold. I don’t like to bring my work home with me. But, I do think it does affect your daily life to a degree. I was recently at the bank and the teller was asking me what I did and told me her daughter recently got into an accident. You never know when you’re going to start talking about it.

CJN: When you’re not practicing law, what do you do?

Lenson: I am pretty active. I work out once a week and play basketball, which I did in high school. I am involved in my kids’ activities – my daughter’s sports and one of my sons is in band. My wife and I like to go out for dinner. We also like to travel and have a place in Naples, Fla. I read a lot and am also a big sports fan – both Cleveland and for the University of Wisconsin. I keep busy.

CJN: What excites you most about the future of your career?

Lenson: There isn’t much unknown, I’ve seen it all at this point. I’ve come to the point in my career that I have the confidence and know what I am doing. It is fascinating to come to work every day and put together a case. I have a lot on my docket but each one is so different. Just putting together a case to maximize the value is an interesting aspect of my line of work.

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