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“By virtue of its wayward subsidiary, Unilever—a massive international conglomerate—risks potentially crushing financial consequences in terms of its ability to receive investments from, or do business with, the majority of U.S. states,” said Brooke Goldstein, executive director of the Lawfare Project and co-founder of the End Jew Hatred movement.

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Partly driving the shift “is the weakness the United States is showing towards Iran in its efforts to reduce its presence in the Middle East and bolster its position in the Far East against the growing Chinese challenge,” said Bar-Ilan Professor Hillel Frisch, a Middle East expert at the BESA Center.

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“Liberté, égalité, fraternité—our French Republic values are also fundamental values of the State of Israel. We know we have common interests, and we’re facing the same threats,” said Constance Le Grip, a member of the France-Israel Friendship Group.

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