The Cleveland Jewish Publication Company is an independent community publisher that values honesty, integrity and excellence.

Our mission statement reads:

The Cleveland Jewish Publication Company is organized for the purpose of performing a public service to the Jewish community of Northeast Ohio and shall:

• Provide the Jewish community of Northeast Ohio with a quality newspaper which will fully present local, national and world news of Jewish interest.

• Offer commentary, interpretation and background on events of the day, as a means of stimulating the concern and response vital to the fulfillment of our responsibilities as Americans and Jews.

• Enrich the cultural life both of individuals and the community through the presentation of features, articles, reviews and other material of Jewish content and interest.

• Provide a variety of forms of communication to enable members of the community to express their viewpoints on matters of Jewish interest. The Company may also provide the Jewish community of Northeast Ohio with other communications vehicles (e.g. website, magazines and community events) that further the Company’s mission.

The Company is not affiliated with any one program, organization, movement or point of view within Jewish life, but expects to give expression to all phases of that life. The Company is completely independent. It is committed to the progress and continuity of Jewish life and to the democratic traditions which have made our country a blessed land.

The CJPC’s Board and professional staff adhere to express policies, ethics and conduct in order to maintain and enhance the integrity and ethical values of the CJPC and its publications. This code is a statement of general standards and expectations of each director and professional staff member.

CJPC senior staff, defined as president, publisher & CEO, managing editor and vice president of sales, all members of our content team, including editorial and digital reporters, editors and producers, may not engage in any political activity, including: holding public office; circulating or signing petitions; participating in demonstrations; contributing to any political party, candidate, ballot issue or advocacy effort which the CJN might reasonably be expected to cover in fulfillment of its mission.

Members of the CJPC board of directors may not submit, or have printed in the CJN, letters to the editor that bear their name, or that of a member of their household, expressing their political views or opinions as it relates to a political party, candidate, ballot issue or advocacy effort. Personal activities and views expressed by members of the CJPC board of directors, do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Cleveland Jewish Publication Company, its board as a whole, officers or staff.

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