Liberty Ford property in Solon

Solon hopes a rezoning issue would allow for redevelopment of the former Liberty Ford property on Aurora Road. 

Solon passed three issues on the Nov. 5 ballot, according to final, unofficial results from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

Issue 63 passed with 3,840 votes (75.3%), Issue 64 passed with 3,832 votes (72.7%) and Issue 65 passed with 3,398 votes (63.4%).

Issue 63 changed Solon’s charter in favor of multiple public readings on initiative petitions. An initiative allows citizens to propose laws and constitutional amendments, with the goal of getting the initiative on the city’s ballot.

“Our charter did not provide for a mandatory three public readings on an initiative petition,” said Solon Mayor Eddy Kraus. “We wanted a requirement that there be three public hearings, really to give the public more input, and that was the charter change.”

Issue 64 was the proposed rezoning of a property on Solon Road from the “C–3” Commercial Zoning District to the “I–2” Industrial Manufacturing Zoning District.

“That was for a company to locate in the community on that site,” Kraus explained.

Issue 65 was the proposed rezoning of the former Liberty Ford and Solon Motel sites from the C–3 and C–4 Commercial Districts to a new MPD–A Mixed Use Planning District.

The land, located between Solon and Aurora roads, has been a motorist site zoned for gas stations, automotive repair centers and car dealerships. Newly passed Issue 65 will allow Solon-headquartered Industrial Commercial Properties LLC to develop the land as a mixed-use development.

“I was happy that everything passed. I think that the citizens of the community voted for progress,” Kraus said. “I think that our community really is embracing the changes in a very positive way because they realize you have to change, you have to grow. And I think a lot of it has to do with Solon being just a very growing and diverse community.”

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