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Rabbi Dr. Elie Abadie of New York critiqued some of the discourse when Syrian and Palestinian delegates referred to “the Israeli occupation of Palestine” and the “Zionist entity’s aggression.”

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Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev maintained that “electronic communications, social networks and mass media have created grounds to turn hatred to a widespread system around the world” with “hate speech provoking instability around, incites war crimes and genocide.”

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“We fear significant civilian costs in Lebanon if Israel must act to defend its citizens because Hezbollah has positioned its massive arsenal in civilian areas—turning much of Lebanon’s population into human shields,” it read. “Hezbollah will bear the responsibility for that.”

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“We’re tired of sitting back and letting a few vocal outliers hijack the Democratic Party’s Israel policy,” said Democratic Majority for Israel president and CEO Mark Mellman. “Instead, the platform continues the party’s proud history of supporting both Israel and the peace process.”

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It means that negotiations “will no longer begin from the premise that Israel has no claim to this land or stole it from the Palestinians. That false legal theory only served to harden Palestinian positions and make successful negotiations impossible,” said Eugene Kontorovich, director of the Center for International Law in the Middle East at George Mason University’s School of Law.

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