The Beachwood mayoral race is about leadership and high standards. When the top leader displays a loose grip on propriety, everyone takes note and the erosion of standards afflicts the entire community.

The eight-week investigation prepared by BakerHostetler illustrates multiple examples of the mayor’s lack of standards. The report was absolutely clear that the mayor failed to comply with the city’s expectations of appropriate workplace conduct.

At the time the investigation was published, the mayor was quick to point out that he never touched anybody and emphasized that he has always demonstrated the “highest levels of respect, appreciation and support”, which minimizes his behavior. At the recent mayoral debate, Mayor Martin Horwitz continued to deflect and minimize. He stated that there was nothing to the investigative report and implied that if there had been anything serious set forth in the report, city council would have removed him from his post. This dissembling should be recognized for what it is – a failure of leadership. The report substantiated more than half of the 24 allegations that were deemed substantiated or credible. The fact that city council determined that the allegations didn’t support the extraordinary measure of removing him as mayor misses the point. Council reserved that decision to the electorate.

This November, I will demand more and expect better when I cast my vote for Justin Berns. He has high standards and treats those around him with dignity and respect. This is the leadership that Beachwood deserves.

Julie Harris


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