I am disheartened to see that our friends and neighbors have resorted to negative personal attacks in regards to the Beachwood School Board campaign that are secondary to the actual discussion about how to make our schools better. Labels are not only damaging, but prevent effective dialogue.

I can personally attest to the fact that Dr. Miriam Weiss, Kareen Caputo and Valerie Charms Mason are outstanding individuals who are civic minded and dedicated to the Beachwood community.

They stand for a renewed focus on academic mastery, ensuring that every child reach their fullest potential and that the public’s finances have good oversight and that no unneeded levy is raised.

I know that in particular Charms Mason feels strongly about keeping academic standards high and making critical thinking central to the educational process to promote students’ real-life success.

Weiss is passionate about ensuring that our children are not taught or exposed to age-inappropriate material as has been seen in other schools.

Caputo has a life mission to bridge the gap between people, especially those with polar opposite views, so that each person’s uniqueness is respected.

I believe the majority of Beachwood voters approve of these goals and this approach and want to maintain strong schools and a strong and vibrant community.

Michael Caputo


Michael Caputo is the husband of Kareen Caputo.

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