As a middle-of-the road Democrat, my political views are frequently in agreement with middle-of-the road Republican friends. All of us seem to agree on one thing, however, our president is sorely lacking in character. Character matters.

How sad is it that I have to shield my 3½-year-old grandson’s ears from our president’s speeches. Many of the character traits I try to reinforce in my grandson – empathy, kindness, respect for others, truthfulness, etc. seem lacking in our commander in chief.

Watch him mocking a reporter with a disability at Nothing is more antithetical to Jewish ethics than that display of subhuman behavior.

Some of my Republican friends are planning to vote for Joe Biden, not because they are enamored with him as a candidate, or are in agreement with all of his policies, but because they are weary of Trump’s inability to behave like a decent human being.

The image of Trump reaching for the Western Wall in a photograph posted by Private Citizens for President Donald J. Trump in last week’s Cleveland Jewish News reminded me of the photo op of Trump holding a Bible in front of St. John’s Church in Washington, D.C., a few weeks ago. The photo in Washington was taken after a path was cleared to the church from the White House using tear gas to disperse peaceful demonstrators.

Unless middle-of-the-road Democrats and middle-of-the-road Republicans can find a way to communicate more effectively and compromise in order to move our country forward, our democracy is at risk.

Bennett Fagin


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