In the Sept. 24 issue of the Cleveland Jewish News, there were two letters to the editor regarding personal endorsements of school board candidates for Beachwood schools. To my knowledge, there have been social media posts circulating that only serve to disparage those that are not being endorsed by the authors.

There have not been many public opportunities for those who may still be undecided to hear what each candidate has to offer or to address the comments being circulated on social media. I, for one, am not impressed with these dings on members of our community that will be felt long after the results of the election are announced.

The Talmud teaches us that malicious speech destroys three people: one who speaks it, one who listens to it, and one who it is spoken about.

Consider the content of character and your stance on the issues when making your voting decisions, and not blindly following a party line.

Elisheva Creve


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