Tavi Gevinson


“Gossip Girl” is supposed to be a show about wealthy, terrible teens cheating on each other and being awful to service workers. But in the new version of “Gossip Girl,” the teachers are the center of attention. They run the Gossip Girl Instagram account, they blackmail their students and they’re even — problematically — at the center of romantic entanglements.

Perhaps the show’s creators figured that the core audience for the original, most of whom have now aged into millennial women, would find teachers more relatable than the teens who today who bully them online over side parts and skinny jeans. But whatever the reason, this time around, the teachers are behind the titular gossip account, with the theoretical goal of manipulating the students to become more respectful. (No, this does not make sense — don’t worry about it.)

This kind of catering to the original show’s audience is just one of the ways in which the reboot appears to be obsessed with its origins. It constantly references past characters and plotlines, with a near-reverential focus on the impact of the original Gossip Girl blog. Every joke has to be meta.

And nowhere is this self-obsessed, meta framing more evident than in the casting of Tavi Gevinson as the teacher running the show’s eponymous gossip account.

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